Friday, 17 February 2017

Digital Marketing Company in India is redefining the fashion industry

In this competitive online market, it’s obvious that you would find it difficult to distinguish your brand. Fashion Industry is one of the most popular topics which can generate a number of conversations. Fashion is no exception to add onto this phenomenon. The fashion trends change even faster than Google algorithms for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Company in India can help improve brand presence and sales as well. If a campaigning is working on, then you can easily get an immediate feedback. The long- lasting effect of this campaigning is the beneficial feature.
Have a look at some of the digital marketing tactics implemented by Digital Marketing Company in India:

1.    Increase your conversion rates by retargeting your visitors

Q. Do you buy a product upon seeing an ad?
Ans. The answer varies from person to person. Some don’t buy immediately after seeing an ad or visiting your website. The digital marketing company in India can help people retarget the same people that were planning to buy your products with reminder advertisements. You can easily increase your online visibility by retargeting your visitors to the website.
Practice the policy of offering customers a slight discount on the ads to make them buy. Sales and discounts are a fantastic way to generate sales.

2.    Holiday Sales always work out!

Q. Is there any festival nearby?
Ans. Yes, a Christmas or an Easter or any festival sale can easily drive sales and capture attention. You could easily offer incentives to buyers depending on the time of year.

Mail Marketing can act as a great tool!

The digital marketing company in India sends a series of emails to your potential customers which focuses on compounding discounts. For example, set different rates for different products on different days. It will help your potential customers to share your discount details on social media and even friends too.
Don’t forget to share these seasonal incentives on every social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on your blogs as well. Offer special gifts such as sunglasses, flip-flops, perfume for purchases over a certain amount. This will definitely drive customers as they received some free products also.

3.    Make great connections

You can easily engage your audience to foster engagement and reinforce those values by a campaign or a content on Facebook. You can ask you community to share photos of their favourite brands to get involved in the society. When your community creates content for your brand, you can also incorporate shared brand images on your website and social media platforms.

Before planning strategies with the digital marketing company in India, you just need to decide if you’re ready for the commitment it takes to turn your brand into a valuable marketing asset.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Experience luxurious online bookings with Digital Marketing Company in India

Gone are the days when folks used to rely on word of mouth and travel reviews to select any hotel.  Now customers often choose experience over items and are exploring new places to have new experiences when traveling to a new place. These obsolete marketing techniques are not much effective in the 21st century.

Have a look at some tips by the digital marketing company in India to turn the hotel experience into bookings and ROI:

1.    Discount % doesn’t attract customers anymore!

Though it may sound effective, discount rates on every hotel and its amenities will not be beneficial in reaching their target customers. Folks are becoming less brand- loyal and are willing even more to get the best experience. Therefore don’t follow the old practice of posting a discount on every social media platform. It may mislead and degrade the luxury hotel’s consumer perception. Maintain your distinctiveness by adding more value and quality to your services.

2.    Ensure customers the importance of direct booking

If you want to generate a number of bookings via the digital channels, then plan a top strategy of “direct is better” booking, the most beneficial channel. It drives brand recognition and increases ROI, but make sure that you control your information about guests.
 The most beneficial part of these online services is that you can easily add a personalized touch for your guests. When a new guest shares information with the concerned hotel, it actually helps hotels serve them better. This tactic can turn out to be beneficial as it will help guests select a better room with better amenities with add-ons. The “direct messaging” offered on the websites can make a big difference, especially with an added emphasis.

3.    Showcase your amenities in a beautiful way

Have you got lost amongst the crowded online space?

If Yes, you can easily revive your hotel with the digital marketing company in India. The beautiful, high-resolution images help your hotel stand out from competition. Make sure you post images of high-value experiences displaying status and featured amenities on every social media platform of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. A guest photo with a dedicated hashtag drives potential customers through a feed on the website.

You can easily embed videos of the hotels showcasing the high-end products and key amenities to drive engagement from potential customers. It has been an important medium to reach website users. A video walks a user through the on- property experience and utilizes soft music to match the hotel’s personality.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Shape Up with Digital Marketing Company in India

There are many reasons to be present in the fitness and weight loss industry. Every now and then you are thinking about some or the other ways to be physically and mentally fit. The first thing which comes up into everyone’s mind to get fit is a gym. The Digital Marketing Company in India has a number of reasons to get related to the fitness industry. One of them is that you can easily relate it to people on a personal level and promote your products or services. If you want to market your gym and get connected to your ideal audience, then the digital marketing company in India is the one stop solution to this.

Know your targeted audience and then implement some good ideas for marketing. Once you have target audience defined and channel of social media platform defined, you can start implementing digital marketing strategies:

1.    Summer Sales!

Probably one of your New Year resolutions will be to join a gym. Then start your fitness motivation at its highest with joining a gym. Either it is a new year or the first day of summer, you can easily attract new customers to your gym.

Facebook Promotion is a perfect for a group of women looking out to get a toned body. Initiate marketing for a gym with the digital marketing company in India. The targeted audience will definitely sign up for 6 months and once they like your gym, they will join you for a long term commitment. Always keep two vital points in mind before starting your campaign:
  • The campaign must contain a start date and end date for an individual to reach their goal.
  •  You can do the same promotion every year to attract more new customers.

2.    Free offers generate more sales

Every now and then, each person is glued to their phones. So why not make a proper use of this?

Offer new check-ins and promote these free offers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram via an ad with the help of digital marketing company in India.  Attract more customers with an offer of free workouts for a week. This tactic will help you gain trust and engage more customers.

3.    Kill three birds with one stone!

Are you looking out for a new gym to get fit?

If yes, it’s obvious you will check once for reviews of a gym. Google reviews help your business rank higher than your competition in local SEO.

If your gym lacks in Google reviews, make sure you ask your customers to leave their reviews. Offer a free month pass itself to whoever they wish in return for reviews. This tactic will help you gain more potential members too. Therefore the Google reviews help you achieve good ratings and increasing customers too.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Digital Marketing Company in India Launches Strategies for Organic Food Marketing

Do you know the food you are eating is organic or not?

Organic food
The word “Organic “may not seem new to you. It means higher levels of animal welfare, lower level of pesticides, no use of artificial pesticides, and a lot more beneficial features. Organic Food is something which covers a great pitch from organic food, drink or beauty and textiles from cotton to even carrots also. But many people don’t even know about organic food. The Organic Food industry needs to be promoted well with the help of Digital Marketing Company in India

A digital marketing company assists your potential customers in making the right decision. If you are really serious about becoming great at digital marketing for organic food, you can have a look at some strategies:

1.    Organic Marketing Plan

If you really want your website to gain good Google ranking, then your website must have organic traffic. You can easily increase website visibility with the help of ethical SEO techniques. There are a number of ways in which you can rank industry specific keywords and improve website performance via both On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization.

On-page Optimisation Tasks

On-page Optimisation

  • Website Analysis
  •  Implement Title Meta Data
  • Implement Robots.txt
  • Implement Sitemap.xml and other on-page implementation
  • Specific Keywords Research

Off-page Optimization Tasks

Off-page Optimization
  •  Logical Navigation
  • Building Quality Backlinks
  • Online business development campaigns
  • Off page tasks such as social bookmarking, web 2.0, quora, forum and a lot more

2.    Instant Marketing- Social Media!

You can easily engage more potential customers for organic food and increase sales via social media strategies. Facebook Ad campaigning, creating Polls, contests are few ingredients of SMO strategy.
 For Example: Introduce a weekend sale to attract more customers. The weekend campaigning on every social media platforms help gain more customers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well.

3.    Video Promotion

An interactive video attracts and engages more real customers than a unique content even. The digital marketing company in India help organic food industries introduce promotional HD videos of their organic food production and its final product also. You can easily increase your brand popularity by sharing it on every social media platforms and video sharing sites.

4.    Email Marketing directs hits into Mind

Are you successful as an organic food industry owner in reaching to your potential customer's pocket?

If your answer is no, then you may not be practicing email marketing. It helps you create big sales with a good promotional message.  As an organic food industry startup, you must first plan about Budget, Targeted market and obvious marketing budget also.

In a nutshell, these above mentioned digital tools can be easily tracked, monitored and evaluated over a period. The digital marketing company in India plans, strategies to achieve organizational goals and increase sales.

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