Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Experience luxurious online bookings with Digital Marketing Company in India

Gone are the days when folks used to rely on word of mouth and travel reviews to select any hotel.  Now customers often choose experience over items and are exploring new places to have new experiences when traveling to a new place. These obsolete marketing techniques are not much effective in the 21st century.

Have a look at some tips by the digital marketing company in India to turn the hotel experience into bookings and ROI:

1.    Discount % doesn’t attract customers anymore!

Though it may sound effective, discount rates on every hotel and its amenities will not be beneficial in reaching their target customers. Folks are becoming less brand- loyal and are willing even more to get the best experience. Therefore don’t follow the old practice of posting a discount on every social media platform. It may mislead and degrade the luxury hotel’s consumer perception. Maintain your distinctiveness by adding more value and quality to your services.

2.    Ensure customers the importance of direct booking

If you want to generate a number of bookings via the digital channels, then plan a top strategy of “direct is better” booking, the most beneficial channel. It drives brand recognition and increases ROI, but make sure that you control your information about guests.
 The most beneficial part of these online services is that you can easily add a personalized touch for your guests. When a new guest shares information with the concerned hotel, it actually helps hotels serve them better. This tactic can turn out to be beneficial as it will help guests select a better room with better amenities with add-ons. The “direct messaging” offered on the websites can make a big difference, especially with an added emphasis.

3.    Showcase your amenities in a beautiful way

Have you got lost amongst the crowded online space?

If Yes, you can easily revive your hotel with the digital marketing company in India. The beautiful, high-resolution images help your hotel stand out from competition. Make sure you post images of high-value experiences displaying status and featured amenities on every social media platform of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook. A guest photo with a dedicated hashtag drives potential customers through a feed on the website.

You can easily embed videos of the hotels showcasing the high-end products and key amenities to drive engagement from potential customers. It has been an important medium to reach website users. A video walks a user through the on- property experience and utilizes soft music to match the hotel’s personality.

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