Friday, 31 March 2017

Step into the Digital Marketing World to Maximize Your Online Presence

In this fast evolving world of artificial intelligence to instant communications, everyone is looking forward to new digital marketing trends in 2017. This is high time that you also need to look for some new trends so that your company can outshine in 2017.  
Everyone has taken their share on the social and digital marketing horizon to get their both ends meet. Have a look at some of the new digital marketing strategies which can prove beneficial for you:

1.    Branding has boosted up!

Who doesn’t hold a seat at marketing table?

I guess, there will not be a single person left.
The social media has given a new direction to brand revolution. It has given the global platform for consumers to share their needs and priorities through direct feedback and purchasing choice.
Brands will become more attuned to the priorities of the consumers and therefore it will increase latest lifestyle trends information. Therefore branding has its own way to make your company “the brand”.

2.    A.I. Solutions is on the way

A.I am on its way to lend a helping hand for online marketing.  It will pave its way for all consumers to navigate in this complex world. It is allowing search engines to learn more than just keywords.
This will allow Google to analyze data based on a search query so that a user can find the best results, even if the page is optimized or not.  These solutions have proved a better way than the non-traditional ranking factors itself.

3.    Information Overload?

Do you want the best hair stylist?

Yes, for sure you would have got confused with a number of good names getting popped up in the search engine results.
It’s really difficult to rely on just some curated information that resonates with your interests. Therefore in the coming years, consumers will prefer to search for peer specialists with niche expertise to filter recommendations which fulfil every requirement in a customised way.

4.    Fast has become faster!

This fast generation has always embraced faster, more pictorial and spontaneous response to stay ahead in this competitive world.
As its baseline expectation, this generation has always been surrounded by social media and technology. Thanks to these social media channels which have made it possible for all consumers to stay ahead in making social prominence.

5.    Videos and Images overruled

Do you remember a video last posted on social media than a message?

Yes, it’s true. And it is also obvious that you would again visit the advertiser’s website again to follow up. The videos speaks more than its volume. The effectiveness of a video is the reason behind its rapid growth. It has been estimated that one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words. The videos have already become famous in the sector of advertising and marketing.  It has already contributed a lot in driving internet traffic.

Which growth channel are you going to follow in 2017?

Stop your brainstorming and stick to the above digital marketing trends so that you can stay ahead in this competitive world.

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